Mae Manantad

'racial connotation'

Chris Russo’s’shut up and play’ words, according to Draymond Green, had a ‘racial connotation’

Racial connotation: Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green responded to Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s statement that America was weary of Green and that he should “shut up and play.” Russo made the remarks on OKBET‘s “First Take” this week as part of a conversation about how Green has handled himself throughout his career. Former player…

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Taylor Jenkins claims Memphis

Taylor Jenkins claims Memphis Grizzlies are ‘furthest thing from filthy’ after Dillon Brook’s foul

Taylor Jenkins claims Memphis: The series between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Golden State Warriors has been exciting and has the makings of a new rivalry. He became aware of a narrative that portrayed Grizzlies players as unclean, so he addressed those concerns during Thursday’s practice. BROOKS Banned: Grizzlies’ Dillon Brooks is suspended for Game 3…

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